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At Somos Dental, you can found the most affordable Root Canal in Avondale.

A Root Canal is a common dental procedure we perform to remove infections and save our patients’ teeth.

We are located all over the valley, so if you live in or around the Phoenix Metro Area, and suffer from tooth pain, schedule a FREE CONSULTATION and visit any of our six locations.

Our root canal treatment specialist will examine your teeth and determine if a root canal can save your natural tooth.

If you have a deep tooth infection or inflammation, and that infection spreads and impacts the soft tissue inside your tooth’s root canal where the nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels are located, then you need a root canal treatment.

Affordable Root Canal Avondale

These are very sensitive areas of the tooth, and when infected can cause severe pain, requiring immediate attention and treatment. At Somos Dental and Orthodontics, we perform root canal treatment procedures quickly to restore your smile and the look and strength of your tooth.

There is no better place where you can have a specialist handle your root canal treatment than Somos Dental and Orthodontics. We are the best dental clinic for root canal treatment in all Phoenix Metro Area. We understand that the fastest way to remove the pain is to perform painless root canals so your teeth can be free from infection and start to heal.

Root canal treatment is necessary because, once the nerves in the tooth are exposed to infection, it is incredibly painful. So, it is important to have the infection removed, and your smile restored.

We are specialists in root canal treatment, and our procedure is a relatively painless experience.  We have a reputation as a dental clinic with gentle dentists that carry out a painless root canal treatment procedure.

Root Canal Treatment in Phoenix

Our goal at Somos Dental and Orthodontics is to ensure that you experience minimal discomfort while you are getting a root canal procedure. To achieve this, we numb the tooth with the help of anesthesia and sedate if you feel dental anxiety or have a nervous disposition.

 It is a very straightforward procedure that begins with a shot of anesthetic. Our dentists start by drilling a hole in the tooth to access and work on the pulp chamber. All that the patient feels during the procedure is vibrations and pressure while our dentists are working on the pulp chamber. We discuss with our patients and advise them on what should be done to ensure a quick recovery.

At Somos Dental and Orthodontics, we know the fastest way to remove the pain is to perform a painless root canal treatment procedure.  We follow up on our patients after the procedure to ensure that the healing process is fast.

If you’re experiencing shooting pains, or any kind of dental pain, or have any infection in the root of your tooth, do not delay. Contact us immediately, request a free appointment, and schedule an appointment with us today.

We accept all PPO Insurance Plans, AHCCCS, and Medicare

Our Consultations are Free and we include the X-Rays. We will beat any price in the valley. Don’t wait any longer and schedule and appointment with us today! and get the most best and most affordable root canal in Avondale.


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